Through Multiple Lenses

Different Ways of Seeing

Years ago I often found myself driving by moments that might have made beautiful images. The light falling through the trees, maybe an aging barn that held a story long in the making. Life was too busy to capture the moment.

But life changes, and now, I make it a point to pull over and find the story captured as a glimpse just a fraction of a second long.

Sometimes it’s with a pack on a trail in the White Mountains, and other times as close as a nearby farm, trail, or Main Street. Wherever I am, there’s a story in the moment, and that’s what I seek.


Fertile Matrix Media

Creative visual services for nonprofit organizations

We connect through story, and I build meaningful ways of helping audiences find a bond with organizations that care about our children, forests, communities and more. There’s a difference in how we all focus on the meaning of how we live, and I craft messages that make those connections happen.

Fertile Matrix Media is a highly focused visual media production company that will offer your organization a variety of ways to share the story that matters most.